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Nestling is a meditative, ambient game about birdwatching. You walk through a forest, taking in the sights and sounds around you, enjoying a lovely afternoon. Every once in awhile, you'll hear a bird call. You can see the bird, but you can hear it... so you try to coax the bird out of hiding by copying its call by whistling.

That is to say: you, the player, in real life, try to copy the bird call by whistling, in real life.

A microphone picks up your whistle, and the game determines whether you copied the birdsong well. The bird sings to you again, and you whistle back again, and this goes on a few more times. If you did it well, the bird happily emerges from its hiding place and hangs with you for a bit -- maybe eating some seeds from your hand, or letting you pet it. You can take a picture of the bird for your collection. Then the bird flies away, and you continue on your walk, listening for more birds.

Controls: WASD and mouse to move, E to interact, C to crouch, Spacebar to toggle Photo Mode,  microphone input.
Microphones are mandatory to play this game. Earphones are optional, but strongly recommended.


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The game it's really nice and relaxing, I love the scenery, the birds are really cute! I love to see this place with different light like on sunset or at night, and other locations too!

Thanks for making the game!